ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 190: Fitness Trends in 2019, Why are CrossFit Athletes So Jacked, and Are You Training Hard Enough

Posted by Derek Charlebois on


Questions on the show: 

1. Why do you think so many people fail with their New Years Resolutions? 

2. I have been around fitness for years and one thing that I have always wondered is, how do CrossFitters have such great physiques? 

3. I am a competitive powerlifter so my training is focused mainly on the big 3. One thing I feel I miss from my years playing sports is explosiveness. My question is, how do I become more explosive, specifically in my lower body while training for powerlifting? 

4. In an effort for more specificity, how do you feel about Squat, Bench, and Deadlift sessions? 

5. What is your opinion of instinctive training, can it be effective? 

6. What are some fitness/powerlifting trends you think will pop up in 2019? 

7. I feel like I train hard and consistently but it doesn’t seem to be paying off. I’m struggling to stay motivated, do you have any advice? 

8. Hey Kyle, I love the podcast, I have a unique question for you. In your opinion, what is “strong”? 


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