ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 240: How to Decide When to Change Weight Classes in Powerlifting Q&A

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Questions on the show:

Q1: What is your opinion on the movie “The Game Changers” and plant-based eating in general?

Q2: I’m 21 years old, if I want to max out my strength potential, how much time should I spend in a caloric surplus vs. maintenance?

Q3: What are the ways to recover or cope when athletes peak too early or too late?

Q4: How can you add calories to your diet without gaining fat?

Q5: Do tattoos limit your possible success at a bodybuilding show?

Q6: What is the ideal heart rate to shoot for if you are including daily steps as cardio?

Q7: What are your thoughts on hormone replacement therapy? Do you consider it taking steroids?

Q8: What is the best way to determine changing weight classes in powerlifting?

Q9: Top tips for the first time gaining phase for women? What are the key things to know?

Q10: What is your favorite form of recovery?

Q11: Will working on calf strength help with powerlifting?

Q12: Do you think your current level of leanness is sustainable?

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