ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 260: Adapting to Life at Home During Shelter in Place | Working, Training, and Eating

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In this episode, Derek and Kyle answer questions from my Instagram 

Questions on the show: 

1. I know you have been working from home for a long time, I just recently started due to the Coronavirus. Do you have any tips or tactics on how to maintain productivity while working from home?

2. What are you doing with the extra free time while at home during the quarantine?

3. When you first started training, what was your strongest exercise and what muscle group responded best to training?

4. Do you think it’s actually possible to gain muscle and/or strength with only bodyweight workouts at home?

5. I just competed in my first powerlifting meet and loved it. To get better, I know I need to build muscle, but my body fat has also crept up a bit. How would you prioritize building muscle while also lowering body fat during my offseason? What should I focus on first?

6. A lot of people have been posting about doing home workouts during this crisis, but what about nutrition? Do you recommend changing your nutrition at all?

7. I know you did a podcast on bodyweight training last week, but do you have any outside of the box ideas for at-home workouts?


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