ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 267: RPE vs RIR, Supplements for Health, and Can You Build Muscle with Conditioning Equipment

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In this episode, Derek and Kyle answer questions from Instagram.

Questions on the show:

Q1: What supplements do you recommend for general health?

Q2: What is your best tip to help improve the squat, bench press, and deadlift for a new powerlifter?

Q3: How much water should you drink per day and is there any benefit to aiming to drink over 1 gallon per day?

Q4: What are the benefits of programming RPE vs. RIR?

Q5: I listened to your last episode on the USDA food guide and it got me thinking. If you were in charge, what nutrition information would be taught in schools across America?

Q6: What is your general recommendation for warm-up sets? As you are working up to your set weight, how many reps are you doing?

Q7: With the uncertainty of powerlifting meets scheduled in the future, when do you think it’s a reasonable time to plan to compete next?

Q8: Do you think conditioning equipment like assault bikes and rowers can build muscle?

Q9: How fast can someone realistically expect strength to come back once gyms open?

Q10: I have a ten-year-old son who has become more interested in working out since I have been training at home during this pandemic. What type of workout program would you recommend for him?


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