ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 170: How to Get Out of a Fitness Rut, New IPF Rules, and the Health Benefits of Fasting

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Questions on the show: 

Q1 (7:00) – Thoughts on the new proposed IPF rule changes, specifically regarding the bench press arch and knee sleeves?

Q2: (20:18) – What do you do if you seem to be stuck in a prolonged rut with your fitness and it’s affecting your motivation?

Q3: (30:08) – If someone can’t achieve quality reps on high rep sets, is it even worth doing them? Should you just accumulate volume with more sets and lower rep ranges?

Q4: (34:55) – Can you dive a bit into the steps to become a successful online coach?

Q5: (56:56) – When should you wear a belt on squats?

Q6: (1:09:22) – Thoughts on fasting in general? Are there any major health benefits to intermittent and/or full day fasting?

Q7: (1:19:06) – What does your current training and diet look like? How do you gain strength while maintaining body weight?

Q8: (1:30:10) – Thoughts on George Lockhardt recommending caffeine post workout for his athletes on Joe Rogan’s podcast?

Q9: (1:43:12) – What do you recommend eating to fuel the body during a powerlifting meet?

Q10: (1:55:28) – What are some go-to songs when going for a PR?

Q11: (1:55:28) – What are your top 5 recommended books for self-development?

Q12: (2:07:08) – How do you set up diets differently for powerlifters/strength athletes vs bodybuilders?

Q13: (2:10:55) – I have been benching 4x/week getting ready for a meet. I’m currently 3 weeks out and feeling some slight wrist and elbow tenderness. What are some things I can do to relieve pain and feel ready for meet day?

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