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MATERIA UPDATE: We are currently in the process of reformulating MATERIA to improve stability and prevent clumping. The reformulation includes ingredient changes, a bottle change, and the addition of a second desiccant. The revised Blue Razz formula just completed Accelerated Stability Chamber Study to ensure these changes produce the outcome we want. The new Blue Razz formula is now moving forward to production (we are hoping to have Blue Razz back in stock by the end of March). Grape Candy production will follow shortly after Blue Razz. 

As of now, Blue Razz, Grape Candy, and Cotton Candy MATERIA are out of stock. 

We still have Sour Apple and Orange Sherbet (45 Serving) MATERIA in stock. The remaining bottles of Sour Apple MATERIA are experiencing minor clumping, but this does not decrease the effectiveness of the product at all (and will be prevented in the next production run). Because of this clumping, we are discounting all remaining Sour Apple bottles by $5 to $29.99. Note we are not offering refunds of exchanges on these bottle of Sour Apple, so please do not order them if the clumping is an issue to you.  

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support as we work to improve MATERIA and promise to give your the best product possible in 2022!  


MATERIA® is a fully disclosed, non-proprietary blend pre-workout formula that delivers research supported ingredients at substantiated dosages.

MATERIA® was formulated to increase energy, focus, pump, strength, and endurance while decreasing fatigue. Each ingredient was specifically chosen to help users complete more reps and sets, lift heavier weight, and ultimately break and set new PRs.  

MATERIA® is a complete pre-workout formula containing all the ingredients you need to train harder, recover faster, and improve your results when combined with intense training and proper nutrition.

MATERIA® is currently available in 4 flavors:

  • Blue Razz (Out of Stock)
  • Cotton Candy (Out of Stock)
  • Grape Candy (Out of Stock)
  • Sour Apple
  • Orange Sherbet (Exclusive 45-Serving Flavor) 

MATERIA® is also available in a Caffeine-Free formula:

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