MATERIA ZERO (Caffeine-Free) Orange Creamsicle
MATERIA ZERO (Caffeine-Free) Orange Creamsicle


MATERIA ZERO (Caffeine-Free) Orange Creamsicle

***The "BEST BY" date on these remaining bottles is 01/2022. Note this is NOT an expiration date (the powder is still perfectly fine to use), it simply the date we recommend using the bottle by to ensure flavor freshness. We have around 100 bottles of MATERIA Zero left. Once these are gone, MATERIA Zero will be out of stock for a minimum of 6 months because we are reformulating and re-flavoring the product.*** 



The number one request we have received is to create a caffeine-free version of MATERIA. The people spoke, and we listened. 

MATERIA ZERO contains all of the ingredients found in MATERIA minus the caffeine. MATERIA ZERO will be great for people who lift in the evening/night and don’t want to take caffeine because it keeps them awake. MATERIA ZERO also gives users the option of taking one scoop MATERIA + one scoop MATERIA ZERO to get a full dose of the performance boosters but only 150mg caffeine. So now you will be able to control your caffeine intake per workout based on how much you feel you need. 

MATERIA ZERO is more than just a caffeine-free version of MATERIA, it also contains ZERO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors! While we do not feel artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors have any negative effects when ingested, many people prefer to take products that do not contain them. After receiving requests for a version of MATERIA free of these artificial flavor ingredients, we went to work to fulfill these requests.

Flavoring with only natural ingredients is MUCH harder and more expensive than flavoring with artificial ingredients. Products using only natural ingredients are typically very bitter and taste bad. Months of work went into creating a flavor that lived up to the PR-BREAKER standard. You know we don’t mess around when it comes to flavor #FlavorGameOnPoint. We wanted to create a flavor that not only tasted amazing by itself, but also mixed very well with our flavors of the caffeinated-MATERIA. This led to of creating our ORANGE CREAMSICLE flavor!

Our ORANGE CREAMSICLE flavor tastes so good you would never know it is sweetened and flavored with only natural ingredients. In addition to being awesome on its own, the ORANGE CREAMSICLE mixed with any MATERIA flavor is FIRE 🔥