Derek Charlebois Training Journal: Week of 12/9/19

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It’s easy to be motivated when things are going well, but much harder to stay motivated when you aren’t progressing well. There will be times when everything is clicking, you feel great, and are making nonstop progress. There will also be times where you feel like you are at a standstill and are simply spinning your wheels.


Stress from OUTSIDE of the gym can also have a big impact on your performance. LIFE is HARD! Often our biggest struggles and stressors come from OUTSIDE of the gym and have a far bigger impact on us than what actually goes on inside of the gym. When we feel good outside of the gym we typically perform better in the gym (and vice versa, when training is going really well, we typically feel better outside of the gym).


Despite my motivation (and strength) being down due to injuries, I never stopped training. While I wasn’t moving forward, meaning getting stronger than I previously was, I was able to maintain a decent level of strength by doing what I could. Had I stopped putting in effort or stopped training completely, the comeback and building my strength back up would be much harder and take longer. I’m not going to lie though, there were plenty of times where I was frustrated and didn’t feel like training.


My advice is to keep showing up and putting in effort, both inside and outside of the gym. It may be tough at times, but doing so will lead to long term progress, even if you feel like you are moving backwards in the present.


Speaking about motivation, I attended the USAPL Michigan State Championship this past week and I am FIRED UP to get to work. I’m ready to get back on the platform soon!


Training: Week of 12/9/19


Monday 12/9/19: Bench Press

Bench Press

(Top set last week: 275 X 8)

315 X 1

325 X 1

335 X 1



I wanted to feel things out to see where my current strength levels at. 335 felt pretty solid. I need to get used to handling heavier weights again.


Military Press

(Top set last week: 155 X 8)

145 X 12, 12


Pendlay Row

(Top set last week: 225 X 8)

225 X 12, 12



200 X 6

187.5 X 8


Tricep Pressdown

60 X 12

70 X 8


Alternating DB Curl

40’s X 12

45’s X 12




Tuesday 12/3/19: Deadlift



635 X 1

675 X 1

700 X 1!!! This is a new LIFETIME PR!!!



I decided yesterday I was going to deadlift 700 today. Legit just set it into my mind that it was happening. To say I am fired up after hitting this is an understatement. The current Michigan State record in the 93kg class is 317.5kg (698.5 lbs). My goal is to break that record on my second attempt #LEGGO


Belt Squat (Sumo Stance)

(Top set last week: 360 X 8)

360 X 12

410 X 12

450 X 12


Front Loaded Leg Press

(Top set last week: 600 X 8)

630 X 12

650 X 12

670 X 12




Wednesday 11/27/19: REST DAY



Thursday 12/4/19: Bench Press Accessory


Incline Bench Press

(Top set from last week: 245 X 5)

265 X 3 (Video:

225 X 5, 5, 5


Close Grip Floor Press

225 X 6, 6, 6


Weighted Pull-Ups

BW +45lbs X 8, 8, 8


DB Row on Incline Bench

3 sets of 12


Tricep Rope Pressdown

3 sets of 12


Barbell Curl on Incline Bench

3 sets of 12


Friday 12/25/19: Squat



(Top set from last week: 405 X 5)

405 X 1

435 X 1

455 X 1

475 X 1

495 X 1 (Video: 


Stiff Leg Deadlift

(Top set from last week: 405 X 3)

365 X 5

385 X 5

405 X 5


Single Leg Leg Press

3 sets of 8-12


Lying Leg Curl

3 sets of 8-12





This week I was able to hit a 495 squat, 335 bench, and 700 deadlift. I haven’t hit those weights in a long time (or ever on deadlifts). Things are finally looking up and I am excited to train for the meet in April.

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