PR-BREAKER was founded by Derek Charlebois in 2016. Derek started lifting weights at 15 years old and quickly became obsessed with nutrition, training, and supplementation. He went on to write articles for fitness websites, compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting, study exercise science in college, and then work in the supplement industry. After working in the supplement industry for 12 years, Derek decided to take the leap and start his own company. From there PR-BREAKER was born!

The first product PR-BREAKER formulated was our pre-workout MATERIA.

Original MATERIA label concept

[Original MATERIA Label Concept]


At the time, most pre-workouts on the market were heavily stimulant-based, often using stimulants banned in drug-tested competitions, and used “proprietary blends” to hide their under-dosed ingredients. PR-BREAKER broke that trend with a performance-based formula and full disclosure label that listed the exact dosage of every ingredient. Every ingredient in the MATERIA formula is backed by scientific studies and dosed in the substantiated dosages used in those studies. This set MATERIA apart from other pre-workouts.

On March 3rd, 2017, PR-BREAKER officially launched MATERIA in its cotton candy flavor.

[First MATERIA Production Run]


From that humble beginning of launching one flavor of MATERIA, PR-BREAKER gained popularity across social media and grew thanks to our awesome supporters who helped spread the word. We’ve since expanded the product line to include 4 additional flavors of MATERIA, MATERIA ZERO (caffeine-free), HITPOINT Protein, and BREAKER-ADE Intra-Workout.

PR-BREAKER was created to help people accomplish their fitness and life goals. Our way of helping is by supplying legitimate supplement options that allow users to train harder and recovery better. It’s such an awesome feeling to see people say MATERIA helped them break a PR or they look forward to drinking their HITPOINT shake every morning. We strive to help the community and give back by donating product as prizes for competitions. We just want to see people be happy 😊

[One of the many powerlifting meets we've sponsored]


PR-BREAKER recently celebrated its 5-Year Anniversary on March 3rd, 2022. Without all our supporters we wouldn’t still be here today. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and allowed us to accomplish our goal of helping people 🙏🏻



Our goal is to give consumers the highest quality supplements possible. When we say quality we mean (1) the products' benefits and effectiveness (2) ensuring what is listed on the label is exactly what is in the bottle and  (3) the overall product use experience. We accomplish this with the following: 








Full Disclosure Labels: Every ingredient and dosage are individually listed on our labels so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting.

Premium Branded Ingredients: We use premium branded ingredients because they are higher quality than their generic counterparts. These branded ingredients are manufactured in facilities specifically designated to that ingredient, which means stricter manufacturing guidelines and more rigorous quality control testing.

Clinical Dosages: Every ingredient we use is dosed in the dosages used in scientific clinical studies. Underdosing ingredients in not acceptable!

Delicious Flavors: We want you to enjoy and look forward to drinking PR-BREAKER supplements.

Quality Manufacturing: PR-BREAKER supplements are produced at a manufacturer with GMP certifications through NSF for Sport and Informed Sport Certified. 

Comprehensive Testing: PR-BREAKER supplements undergo testing both pre and post production. Prior to production, all ingredients undergo pre-production quality control testing and approval. All products then undergo post-production third party testing to ensure every ingredient is delivered in the target dosage and the product is free from all contaminates.