L-Tyrosine vs. N-Acetyl Tyrosine: Are Companies Using the Inferior Form?

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A current trend in supplement formulation is to use N-acetyl tyrosine (NAT) instead of L-tyrosine because NAT is more soluble and mixes much better in water than L-tyrosine. NAT’s increased solubility should in theory make it more bioavailability than L-tyrosine. But is this true? Is NAT superior to L-Tyrosine? Let’s dive into scientific literature to find out!        
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Research Review: Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding Rep Ranges for Size

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What is the best rep range to gain size? What is the best rep range to gain strength? If you have ever asked these questions keep reading to find out!
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Interview with Dr. Mike Zourdos on Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP)

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Strength training periodization is programmed phasic variation in training volume, intensity, and/or frequency to maximize performance and training adaptation. There are multiple types of periodization models; one being daily undulating periodization (DUP), which I currently utilize with great success with my clients and myself. To give insight into the DUP system of training I thought whom better to talk to than Dr. Mike Zourdos a leading researcher in periodization and competitive powerlifter.
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Q: What is the best way to take MATERIA?

A: For use as a pre-workout supplement, MATERIA should be taken 30-60 minutes prior to exercise and ideally at least 60 minutes after a meal. The exact amount of water used can be determined based on personal preference, though 4-8 oz water is recommended per scoop. MATERIA can also be used on non-training days to increase energy and focus.


Q: Does taking MATERIA have any side effects?

A: All the ingredients in MATERIA are safe to use. The only stimulant in MATERIA is caffeine and it is dosed at a moderate, safe dosage. That said, it is best to start at one scoop of MATERIA to assess your tolerance. One side effect you may experience is a harmless tingling sensation due to the full 3200mg dose of Beta-Alanine in MATERIA. Not all people experience this tingling sensation and if you do it may decrease with prolonged Beta-Alanine use. If you experience the tingling sensation and wish to decrease it, you can sip MATERIA over the course of 30-60 minutes.


Q: Should I start with the full two scoops serving of MATERIA?

A: Starting with only one scoop of MATERIA is recommended to assess your response to the formula. This is especially important if you are sensitive to caffeine.  


Q: Do I have to use the full two scoop serving for MATERIA to be effective?

A: No, one scoop of MATERIA delivers adequate amounts of all ingredients to increase energy, focus, pump, and performance. MATERIA was purposefully formulated as two scoops per serving to allow users the option to only take one scoop.


Q: Can I use two scoops of MATERIA twice a day for a total of four scoops?

A: Using four scoops of MATERIA a day is not recommended. If you wish to use MATERIA twice in one day you can use one scoop each time.


Q: Can I use MATERIA with other caffeinated products (including coffee, soda, energy drinks, and weight loss products).

A: Combining MATERIA with other caffeinated products or beverages is not recommended.


Q: What other products can I stack with MATERIA?

A: MATERIA can be stacked with a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and protein powder. The combination of those three supplements plus MATERIA would supply all the essential supplements one would need. It is also fine to stack MATERIA with BCAAs if desired.


Q: Does MATERIA need to be cycled?

A: While none of the ingredients in MATERIA necessarily need to be cycled, it is wise to take periodically time off caffeine containing supplements.


Q: The MATERIA says to “store in a cool, dry place.” What exactly does that mean?

A: A “cool, dry place” simply means a climate controlled area without excessive heat or humidity, such as in a kitchen cabinet. Storing MATERIA, in your car for example, where it could be exposed to elevated temperatures, would not be suitable.


Q: If I am a drug-tested athlete can I use MATERIA? 

A: Yes, MATERIA does not contain any illegal or banned ingredients.


Q: My bottle of MATERIA is missing its scooper; what should I do? 

A: All bottles of MATERIA SHOULD contain a scooper. Each scoop of MATERIA is about 11g of powder and equal to a FLAT tablespoon. If you have access to a digital food scale, you can measure out the powder using the scale for increased accuracy. If these solutions are not acceptable, please contact customer service at support@prbreaker.com.


Q: Does PR-BREAKER sponsor athletes?

A: PR-BREAKER will begin sponsoring athletes soon.


Q: Where is MATERIA produced?

A: MATERIA is produced in the United States at manufacturing facility certified for compliance to dietary supplement cGMPs by an internationally recognized third-party organization including additional certification to private standards and testing programs regarding athletic banned substances.


Q: Do you offer MATERIA sample packets?

A: MATERIA sample packets are not currently available, but will be available in the near future.


Q: Do you ship MATERIA internationally?

A: Yes, MATERIA can be shipped internationally. Unfortunately, due to the increased cost of shipping internationally free shipping cannot be offered. We are currently researching the most economical way to ship MATERIA internationally. Each country has different regulations and require specific documentation with shipments so please contact info@prbreaker.com to ensure it can be shipped to your country. Be sure to sign up for the PR-BREAKER newsletter for updates on international shipping.


Q: I am a retail store/distributor and would like to carry MATERIA; who should I contact?

A: Please contact sales@prbreaker.com for information on carrying MATERIA.



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PR-BREAKER MATERIA is a fully disclosed, non-proprietary blend pre-workout formula that delivers research supported ingredients at substantiated dosages.
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