ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST EP 335: Post Workout Nutrition, Old School Bodybuilding, and Pushing Your Genetic Limit

Posted by Derek Charlebois on

In this episode, Derek and Kyle talk about a bunch of random things and answer questions from listeners at the end.  Questions on the show: 1. I have heard when you are cutting, it's a bad idea to have carbs and fats in the same meal. Is there any truth to this? [should the post-workout meal be low fat?]  2. When you get closer to your genetic potential is there anything you have to change or do differently to continue seeing progress? 3. I know you say not to worry about day-to-day weight fluctuations, but how do you mentally handle seeing the scale go up throughout the week when you know you are in a deficit? 4. Are there any old-school bodybuilding techniques you think people forgot about that are effective? 5. How often should you change the exercises in your program, and can you give me some triceps exercise examples, all I do is triceps pressdowns?

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