"To provide high quality supplements containing research supported ingredients in substantiated dosages to improve your results and help achieve your goals when combined with intense training and proper nutrition."


Derek Charlebois—Founder and Formulator 

-My Story-

I am and always will be a consumer. At the age of 15, I started lifting weights in my parents’ basement and bought my very first protein powder. Over the next three years, I read and researched as much as I could about nutrition, training, and supplementation. I began writing articles for bodybuilding websites and competing in bodybuilding competitions. I went on to study exercise science in college and began working in the supplement industry. Flash forward to today, 17 years later and after working in the supplement industry for 12 years, I still consider myself a consumer because I view supplements and the industry in general from the same viewpoint as I did when I was 15 years old. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is built around deceiving consumers with inferior products and outlandish marketing. After working in the industry for so long I started becoming jaded towards it and its practices. Many times I thought about leaving the industry because I did not want to be associated with it. But unlike those in the industry who simply view supplements as a way to make money, I view supplements as a way to improve ones results and help achieve goals when combined with proper nutrition and training. Instead of turning my back on the industry because of its bad practices, I decided I would help fight the good fight and bring some honesty and dependability to the industry by starting my own supplement company. And from there PR-BREAKER MATERIA was born!