PR-BREAKER is very excited to announce our first sponsored athlete: Christina Choulagh

On 6-29-15, Christina hired PR-BREAKER president Derek Charlebois as her coach. At that time, she wanted to “try” powerlifting and see if she liked it. Her estimated one rep maxes were:

Squat = 225 lbs
Bench Press = 100 lbs
Deadlift = 275 lbs

Flash forward to this past month (April 2017), after 21 months of working with Derek and three powerlifting meets later, where Christina hit the following weights:

Squat = 340 lbs (+115 lbs)
Bench Press = 180 lbs (+80 lbs)
Deadlift = 380 lbs (+105 lbs)

Christina exemplifies what being a PR-BREAKER is all about; the pursuit of self-betterment. 

Companies often sponsor people based on how many followers they have on social media in hopes of increasing sales. That is not our style. PR-BREAKER is sponsoring Christina to help her achieve her powerlifting goals, including competing at the USAPL Raw Nationals this year and achieving a 900+ total and 400+ wilks score. 

Christina has always been a PR-BREAKER, but now she is officially the first PR-BREAKER sponsored athlete.

At Christina’s last meet, the 2016 USAPL Michigan State Championship, she hit a 325.1 lb squat, 165.3 lb bench press, and 380.2 lb deadlift. She totaled 870.6 lbs and earned 1st place in her class and best overall Jr lifter. Christina is currently preparing for the 2017 USAPL Abbrx Powerlifting Meet on 4/29.

Follow Christina on social media: @fittiewap