ABSOLUTE STRENGTH PODCAST Ep 229: Building Muscle, Fat Loss, and Business Q&A with PR Breaker CEO Derek Charlebois

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In this episode, Derek and I answer a bunch of questions on building muscle, fat loss/nutrition, and business. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Questions on the show: 

1. What is the most overlooked aspect of gaining muscle? 

2. Was there one tweak or change to your diet or training back in the day that proved to be a big factor in building muscle?

3. What is the best method to bring up weak body parts?

4. Are there any undervalued or overrated exercises in bodybuilding?

5. Do you have any recommendations for someone who struggles to gain weight?

6. Why is protein intake important if my main goal is fat loss? Wouldn’t lower protein help create a bigger deficit?

7. What is your take on cheat meals during a fat loss diet? Is it a different answer for maintenance or bulking phases?

8. What is your current diet?

9. How can you fit alcohol into a fat loss diet?

10. In your experience working with clients, what is most people’s biggest fat loss limitation?

11. What is the first step in starting a supplement company?

12. What do you think si tour greatest business strength?

13. Is there anything you wish you’d known before you started your business?

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