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Derek Charlebois Training Journal: Week of 10/28/19

Posted by Derek Charlebois on

Training: Week of 10/28/19

Last week was one of the best weeks of training (as far as feeling good) that I’ve had in a long time. Training is much more enjoyable when your body doesn’t hurt. My goal this week is simply to lift a little heavier (or complete more reps) than last week.


Monday 10/28/19: Bench Press

Bench Press

(Top set from last week: 265 X 6)

275 X 6

285 X 6

295 X 6

I was not expecting to hit 295 X 6 today, but my elbow was feeling decent.


Military Press

(Top set from last week: 135 X 8)

140 X 6, 6, 6


Tricep Pressdown

50 X 12, 12, 12


Pendlay Row

(Top set from last week: 205 X 8)

215 X 8

225 X 8

235 X 5



(Top set from last week: 140 X 8)

150 X 8

160 X 6, 5


Barbell Curl

55 X 12

65 X 12

75 X 12


I listed some of the top sets from last week to show how I am progressing the weights/reps.


Tuesday 10/29/19: Deadlift


(Top set from last week: 535X1)

505 X 1

525 X 1

545 X 1

565 X 1

585 X 1 (Video:


Deadlifts felt like they are getting back into their groove. No knee pain at all. My game plan was to perform singles with 505, 525, and 545, but my body was feeling good so I added more weight.


Hack Squat

(Top set from last week: 225 X 8)

235 X 8

245 X 8

255 X 6


Lying Leg Curl

(Top set from last week: 100 X 8)

100 X 8, 8, 6


Reverse Hyper-Extensions + Lying Leg Raises (on decline bench holding a DB between my feet)

3 sets of 12 each


Thursday 10/31/19: Bench Press Accessory

Standing Military Press

(Top set from last week: 115 X 8)

115 X 8

125 X 8, 8



 (Top set from last week: +20 X 8)

+25 X 8

+35 X 8

+45 X 8


Incline Barbell Bench

(Top set from last week: 205 X 8)

215 X 8

225 X 5, 5


DB Seal Row

65 X 12, 12, 12


DB Side Lateral

35 X 12, 12, 10


Barbell Spider Curl

45 X 12

55 X 12

65 X 12


Friday 11/1/19: Squat


(Top set from last week: 365 X 6)

375 X 6

405 X 1

425 X 1

445 X 1

455 X 1 (Video:

365 X 6

…So yeah I deviated a bit from my programming already LOL. I was feeling really good and wanted to test the waters a little bit. 455 felt very solid; no knee pain at all. I will be going back to my rep work next week. I am thinking I will try to perform 365X6, 375X6, and 385X6 next week.


Stiff Leg Deadlift

(Top set from last week: 315 X 8)

365 X 6, 6, 6


Front Loaded Leg Press

(Top set from last week: 580 X 8)

580 X 12, 12, 12


Decline Sit-Ups 3 X 12





Overall my body felt noticeably better (less pain) compared to last week, hence the increase in performance. I was only expecting/planning to lift a little heavier than last week, but I was able to increase the weight lifted by quite a bit on a few exercises. One thing to note is that I am still lifting much less than I have lifted in the past and the only thing that was holding me back from lifting heavier recently was injuries. So, if the injuries heal, my strength should come back relatively quickly. I just wanted to point that out, so people don’t think some of these increases in the weight lifted are a normal progression for someone who hasn’t lifted those weights before (i.e. going from 315 to 365 on stiff leg deadlift or 535 to 585 on deadlifts in one week). Realistically, if you can increase the weight you lift by 5-10 lbs a week you are progressing very well.


I typed up this training journal at the end of the week, hence the lack of details, but I am going to start writing my workout entries after each workout so they are fresh in my mind and I can give more details.


Moving on to week 3! We are feeling good!

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