PR-BREAKER CEO Derek Charlebois Training Journal 2019- Intro and Week 1

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Team “Always Broken” president checking in! Just kidding, just kidding… actually no that is accurate LOL. Despite always dealing with injuries, I’M STILL HERE AND TRAINING HARD! Many moons ago, during my bodybuilding days, I kept an online training journal on that many people enjoyed. As a way to motivate myself and others, I have decided to restart my online training journal once again.

Current Situation

The last powerlifting meet I competed at was in July of 2017. During my prep for that meet, I suffered a knee injury (left knee). I was hardheaded and continued to prep for and compete at the meet, which obviously made the injury worse. Had I not already signed up and paid to compete at the meet, I would have dropped out. But it is what it is. My left knee bothered me over the next year (during that time I also developed tendinitis in my left elbow). As soon as my left knee started feeling better, my right knee started to feel like trash (obviously from compensating for my left knee for the previous year). As my left elbow got better, I also developed tendinitis in my right elbow. So yeah, it’s been two years of knee and elbow issues. Things are feeling “OK” at the moment (knock on wood), so I am going to attempt to follow an actual program.


The Program

I have done all sorts of programs/training strategies over the years. For the time being, I am going to be keeping my training super simple:

  • 4-day upper/lower split
    • Bench Press Day
    • Deadlift Day
    • Bench Press Accessory Day
    • Squat Day
  • Squat + Bench Press:
    • Perform 3 “work sets” per exercise.
    • Once I can complete 6 reps with a weight, add 10 lbs to the bar.
      • Example: 225 X 6 --> 235 X 6 --> 245 X 4
    • Whatever weight I ended with the previous workout will be the weight I start with for my first “work set”.
      • Example: If I ended with 245 X 4 the previous week, I would start with 245 and stick with 245 until I can complete 6 reps.
    • Deadlifts:
      • I will be performing 3 incremental submaximal singles instead of rep work.
        • Example 545 X 1, 565 X 1, 585 X 1
      • Accessory Work:
        • Compound exercises = same format as squats and bench press, but with 8 reps instead of 6 reps.
        • Isolation exercises = 8-12 reps.

And that’s the basics! I will be listing my entire workout before, which should make things a little clearer.




  • Protein = 225g
  • Carbs = 300g
  • Fat = 100g
  • +Chocolate Chips (actually I am going to try to limit those LOL).


These macros are distributed between 4 meals.



Straight forward and simple:

  • 2 Scoops MATERIA pre-workout
  • HITPOINT protein as needed to hit protein intake
  • Multi-Vitamin (2000 IU D3 per day)
  • Fish Oil (2-3g EPA/DHA per day)


Training: Week of 10/21/19


Monday 10/21/19: Bench Press

Bench Press

225 X 6

235 X 6

245 X 6

255 X 6

265 X 6 (Video:

I did more than 3 sets today because I wanted to establish where my strength is currently at. Since I ended this workout with 265 X 6, my next workout will start with 275 for my first work set.


Military Press

95 X 8

105 X 8

115 X 8

125 X 8

135 X 8

Same as above, I wanted to establish where my 8-rep strength is at.


Tricep Pressdown

30 X 12

40 X 12

50 X 12

My elbow is still iffy with this exercise, but it is getting better each week. Performing tricep pressdowns seems to HELP my elbow, so I will continue doing them. Also note, I use the weight stack at the gym that is much heavier than all other weight stacks at the gym due to the different pulley system it has. So this 50 lbs is much heavier than 50 lbs on the other weight stacks.


Pendlay Row

185 X 8

195 X 8

205 X 8



120 X 8

130 X 8

140 X 8


Barbell Curl

45 X 12

55 X 12

65 X 12



Tuesday 10/22/19: Deadlift


495 X 1

515 X 1

535 X 1 (Video:

Deadlifts felt OK today. Not great, but ok.


Hack Squat

185 X 8

205 X 8

225 X 8


Lying Leg Curl

80 X 8

90 X 8

100 X 8


Reverse Hyper-Extensions + Lying Leg Raises (on decline bench holding a DB between my feet)

3 sets of 12 each


Thursday 10/24/19: Bench Press Accessory

Standing Military Press

95 X 8

105 X 8

115 X 8



BW X 8

+10 X 8

+20 X 8


Incline Barbell Bench

185 X 8

195 X 8

205 X 8 (Video:


DB Seal Row

65 X 8

70 X 8

75 X 8


DB Side Lateral

20 X 12

25 X 12

30 X 10


Barbell Spider Curl

40 X 12

50 X 12

60 X 12


Friday 10/25/19: Squat


325 X 6

335 X 6

345 X 6

355 X 6

365 X 6 (Video:


Stiff Leg Deadlift

275 X 8

295 X 8

315 X 8


Front Loaded Leg Press

540 X 8

560 X 8

580 X 8


Decline Sit-Ups 3 X 12



This week was all about getting into a good groove and establishing where my current strength levels are at. As far as injuries and pain go, this was one of the best weeks (meaning least amount of pain) that I’ve had in a LONG time. I’m optimistic that the upcoming weeks will be even better. In future journal entries, I am going to try and include a video summarizing the week and going over various topics. If there are topics you would like to hear me go over, let me know! Feel free to message me on Instagram (@derekcharlebois) or email me at

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