Derek Charlebois Training Journal: Week of 9/11/17

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WEEK #2: Weekly Schedule

Monday = Bench Press

Tuesday = Squats + Deadlift

Wednesday = OFF

Thursday = Bench Press

Friday = Squats + Deadlift

Saturday = Back + Biceps

Sunday = OFF


As I mentioned in previous videos, my current training program is setup into three training microcycles consisting of an 8-rep workout, 6-rep workout, and 4-rep workout. Microcycle #1 establishes the baseline. Then in microcycle #2 I add 10 lbs to the weights lifted in microcycle #1. And finally in microcycle #3 I add 5 lbs to the weights lifted in microcycle #2. The three microcycles = one mesocycle.


This week I finish up microcycle #1 and then start microcycle #2.


9/11/17: Bench Press Focus

(Microcycle #1 8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS

Bench Press

265 X 4 @ 7RPE

285 X 4 @ 8 RPE

305 X 4 @ 9 RPE

As I was progressing through the warm up and build up sets, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hit my goal of 305 for 4 reps, but 305 moved very well today. I could have for sure gotten it for 5 reps (though 5th rep would have been a grinder).


Close Grip Bench Press

265 X 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 

For my close grip bench grip width, I have been starting with my index fingers right where the knurling transitions to the smooth part of the bar in the middle and then each set widening my width a little.


Seal Row with Cambered Bar

135 X 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 

I have never done seal rows consistently, but I am going to program them as one of my main back movements due to the ability to decrease stress on the lower back. Using a cambered bar increases the ROM possible and makes this exercise harder (if you pull the bar all the way to the bench) compared to using a straight bar.


Flat DB Press (Feet up to take away leg drive)

100’s X 12, 10, 8





9/12/17: Squat + Deadlift

(Microcycle #1 8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)


355 X 4, 4, 4

I am experimenting with not squatting as deep as I normally do. I normally squat WELL BELOW parallel and I am working to stop just below parallel. I am hoping this may decrease the stress on my lower back and knees. Today’s squats felt solid. My knee still isn’t 100% but gradually getting there.



445 X 4, 4, 4

I’m starting to get into a better rhythm doing reps on deadlifts, specifically with taking breaths and bracing my core.


Glute-Ham Raise and GHR Sit-Up

Bodyweight X 12, 12, 12 (on each)


Donkey Calf Raise

3 X 12




9/13/17: OFF DAY


9/14/17: Bench Press Focus

(Microcycle #2 8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)

Bench Press

235 X 8 @ 7 RPE

255 X 8 @ 8 RPE

275 X 8 @ 9 RPE


Close Grip Bench Press

235 X 8, 8, 8


Seated Military Press

145 X 8, 8, 8


I decided to swap out standing military press for seated military press to limit potential lower back extension and decrease stress on my lower back. Check out the video from today to see how I set this up.


Bent Over Row

185 X 8, 8, 8

DB Concentration Curl

20 X 12, 12, 12

With concentration curls (Arnold style) I am focusing on working the muscle through a full range of motion, including both flexion and supination. I have found that when I include a supinating bicep exercise in my program I have less elbow pain.





9/15/17: Squat + Deadlift

(Microcycle #2 8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)


325 X 8, 8, 8 

For this second from through of the 8/6/4 rep progressive I am adding knee sleeves back in. I will continue training beltless until the third 8/6/4 rep progressive starting the week of 9/25.



425 X 8, 8, 8


Single Leg Leg Press

70 X 12

90 X 12

110 X 12

One thing I always slack on is unilateral leg work, so I am trying to make sure to include some each week. For the single leg leg press, I like to use the seated leg press as it allows me to take my leg through full extension and flexion:




9/16/17 & 9/17/17 = OFF DAYS




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