Derek Charlebois Training Journal Week of 9/4/17

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As I mentioned in the last training video, I decided to take last week completely off of training to give my body some rest and recovery time. My main goal moving forward is to stay INJURY FREE while gaining strength.


Weekly Schedule

Monday = Bench Press

Tuesday = Squats + Deadlift

Wednesday = OFF

Thursday = Bench Press

Friday = Squats + Deadlift

Saturday = Back + Biceps

Sunday = OFF

I decided to pair squats and deadlifts together instead of continuing with the squat + bench press setup I was doing previously to limit the number of days my lower back/knee are heavily stressed.



Monday 9/4/17: Bench Press Focus (8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)

Bench Press

225 X 8 @ 7 RPE

245 X 8 @ 8 RPE

265 X 8 @ 9 RPE


Close Grip Bench Press

225 X 5, 5, 5, 5, 5


Flat DB Press

80’s X 12

90’s X 8, 8



100 X 12, 12, 12, 10, 8


DB Standing Spider Curl

20 X 12, 12, 12


Everything felt GREAT today! I was surprised that bench press felt as strong as it did since I usually feel a little weak after taking a week off.


Tuesday 9/5/17: Squats + Deadlift (8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)



315 X 8, 8, 8


Sumo Deadlift

405 X 8, 8, 8


You will notice that in my Monday workout my heaviest bench press set was at a 9 RPE while I squats and deadlifts I just did straight sets with a given weight. The reason why I did this is because I’m not trying to push squats and deadlifts to or close to failure. My goal is to slowly add weight each week while my knee and lower back continue to recovery and get to 100%. You will also notice that I am performing reps on deadlifts, which I don’t often do. The reason why is the same as above, to limit the total weight I am lifting to let my injuries heal. I also decided that I am not going to wear a belt or knee sleeves during this training block to ensure I am not masking any underlying injuries/pain.


Hip Thrust

185 X 8, 8, 8


Donkey Calf Raises

3 X 8


Wednesday 9/6/17: REST DAY!


Thursday 9/7/17: Bench Press Focus (8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)

Bench Press

245 X 6

265 X 6

285 X 6 @ 8.5 RPE

I could have gone a tad heavier on bench to have hit a true 9 RPE, but 285 was close.


Close Grip Bench Press

245 X 6, 6, 6, 6, 6


Military Press

95 X 8, 8, 8, 8, 8


Bent Over Row

185 X 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

The weights I lifted on close grip bench, military press, and bent over rows were all submaximal; my goal is to achieve higher volume (sets * reps * weight lifted) right now and I will add weight as this training block progresses.


Friday 9/8/17: Squats + Deadlift (8 REPS/6 REPS/4 REPS)


335 X 6, 6, 6


Sumo Deadlift

425 X 6, 6, 6


Single Leg Leg Press

3 X 12


Seated Calf Raise

3 X 12

My lower back was pretty sore today, not injury soreness, muscle soreness. As I mentioned above, I normally don’t do reps on deadlifts so the multiple sets of 8 reps lit my lower back up!


Saturday 9/9/17: Back & Biceps

I did not record the exact exercises/sets/reps for this workout as it is an optional where I basically just go in and train. The workout included:


Seated Cable Rows



Barbell Curls

DB Hammer Curls

Cable Curls

Tricep Pressdowns

Overhead DB Extensions 

Everything was in the 8-12 rep range. I don’t plan on doing this workout every week, but if Saturday comes around and I feel like training I will.


Sunday 9/10/17: Rest Day 

Overall training felt very solid this week. I was using this week to feel things out, but I am confident I can continue to push myself and progress.



In this video I recap the week and talk about my current nutrition and supplement regimen. 

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